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Tecla Shield for Apple devices

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Feel free to use your iPad, iPhone and iPod without touchthe screen!

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With the Tecla Shield for iOS®, you can access the iPhone®, iPad® & iPod Touch® using your adapted switches or the driving controls on your powered wheelchair.

The Tecla Shield connects to your iOS device wirelessly, via Bluetooth, and does not require any additional software. Simply connect, configure and start using it right away!

Tecla allows you to explore the Home screen and launch applications just like anybody else. You can also navigate and interact with the built-in apps to take photographs, listen to music, browse the internet, make phone calls and watch videos.

Tecla takes advantage of VoiceOver, Apple’s in-built screen navigation technology, to access and control the iPhone®, iPad® & iPod Touch®. Apps compatible with Voice Over are also switch accessible with Tecla. Want to Skype your friends? No problem! Tecla will make it happen!

With Tecla, you will also be able to access the on-screen keyboard to compose e-mails and messages, or enter text whenever you need to.