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    HELPIKEYS is a membrane keypad,...

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HELPIKEYS is a membrane keypad, programmable in A3 format designed to facilitate access to the computer. Is particularly used for educational activities and rehabilitation, and his versatility is able to respond to a lot of difficulties. HELPIKEYS can be used for motor, cognitive, visual and social and relationship problems.

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500,00 € tax excl.

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Weight 850 gr
Dimensions 460 X 370 X 25 mm
Sistema operativo Win fino a W7 64 bit compreso
Connessione USB e PS2
Driver Compreso nel CD di Installazione

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HELPIKEYS comes with 5 buttons ready for use.

QWERTY: windows standard keyboard with bigger keys, designed for writing and easy access to the simplified alphabetic keyboard, suitable for educational activities with children.

NUMBERS: numeric keypad, designed for logical and mathematical activities.

MOUSE: fully simulates the mouse and replace it very well.

YES / NO preschool activities designed for simple and basic communication.

These layouts are automatically recognized from the keyboard.

You can adjust: activation key, repeat, activation strenght, etc. lift. Is also possible activate audible and visual feedback of keys. HELPIKEYS has five ports for sensors, these ports are fully programmable and are able to simulate any function, including keyboard macros. (simultaneous activation of multiple buttons)

 HELPIKEYS is completed by the BUILDER software included in the price of the keyboard.

Layout Builder program allows you to:  graphically design new keyboards, each key to associate a given function, and to print in A3 or A4, the custom keyboard via two .- store up to 5 custom layouts directly on the memory of the keyboard so you can comfortably use on other computers and manage simple tasks mulimediali such as, for example, enable a sound and open an image.