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    HELPIKEYS is a membrane keypad,...

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  • It is the best tool users with reading disabilities such as poor readers, people with Dyslexia and ESL learners of any age.

  •  SuperMaps is the multimedia software to build maps, concept maps, mind maps or diagrams that contain multimedia elements that enrich the learning opportunities and compensation of Dyslexia. 

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     TEXTLAB integration is going at installing itself on the page of Word, is used through a taskbar displayed on the same page. 

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    SuperQuaderno is suitable for those with spelling difficulties or specific learning disorders, communication disorders or speech disorders.

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  • Carlo II si presenta come un ambiente di videoscrittura semplificato e ampiamente personalizzabile, utile per i dislessici, disabili motori e ipovedenti, ma anche per i gravi disgrafici o per chi non riesce ad automatizzare le procedure di scrittura.

  • Charles II is presented as a word processing environment simplified and highly customizable, useful for dyslexics, visually impaired and wheelchair users, but also for the serious dysgraphic or for those who can not automate the process of writing.

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    Clicker is the proven reading and writing tool that helps pupils of all abilities to achieve literacy success. Clicker is used on over half a million school computers and in over 90% of UK primary schools.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items